Bringing Trading Data to the Centre of Decision Making in IRP Version 8.8.0

Commerce Cloud

Bringing Trading Data to the Centre of Decision Making in IRP Version 8.8.0

IRP keeps making data investments to deliver precise  trading data for increased visibility and control..

Commerce Cloud Version 8.8.0 is a large software release and contains an upgrade to the latest PayPal version, enhancements to Marketing Cloud, Feed Manager and the release of the Daily Trading Profits email.


IRP Commerce Cloud continues to invest in data to bring accurate trading data to the centre of decision making.


The focus on efficiency, increasing visibility, controlling merchant costs and increasing sales is critical to current and future IRP platform thinking and development.

PayPal Gateway Rebuilt in Partnership

PayPal part funded this 3 month development project deepening our partnership with this key Technical Partner.

The latest version of PayPal brings new merchant opportunities as well as improved user experience, more payment options and increased conversion potential. Online shoppers still have the ability to checkout directly from the basket or in the checkout flows, but they now have additional payment options like Pay Later. This is PayPal’s own implementation of the popular ‘Klarna’ method of paying for purchases.

The latest PayPal version works seamlessly with your IRP (whether desktop, mobile or tablet) and should help with your customer conversion while reducing payment failure rates.


Highlights included:

  • Increased Conversion
  • Improved UX
  • Pay Later Options
  • PayPal Credit Cards
  • Wide Range of supported Countries
  • More Currencies Supported
  • Alternative Payment Methods
IRP Commerce

Commerce Cloud Contribution to Sales

IRP Commerce Cloud contributes an unrecognised 70% of Merchant’s revenues.

Marketing Cloud delivers huge value to merchants all contained within the transaction fee. First Party systems are critical for the future of ecommerce – and no other system has an email campaign product and a feed management tool built directly into the core platform.

IRP saves merchants from significant additional costs for plugins and 3rd party systems providing features directly in your IRP. An email system, such as Klaviyo, may cost merchants an additional £2,000-£3,000 PER MONTH on top of monthly transaction fees. Whereas Feed Manager is simply an unmatched product in scope – and a large number of plugins cannot cover the 40+ Shopping feeds that IRP provides out-of-the-box in Feed Manager.

Merchants can now see ‘contribution to sales’ when entering the Marketing Cloud for IRP Core products – Email Manager and Feed Manager. This is important to Merchants as they strive to maximise the sales from email campaigns (Email Manager) and expand their product visibility and international traffic (Feed Manager).


Highlights included:

  • Last 30 Days Sales
  • Last 30 Days % Sales
  • YTD Sales
  • Domestic v International

Feed Manager

One of the most important powerful features of an IRP Commerce Cloud is Feed Manager. It currently generates over 50% of Merchant sales to all world regions. Feed Manager provides unmatched product distribution with instant access to 40+ Google Shopping and Facebook feeds ready to use and internationally configured.

We’ve invested in Feed Manager UX, making it much easier to use and understand. Expand your international reach by easily enabling inactive feeds and viewing the contributions to your active feeds.

Simply click the Marketing Cloud logo at the top of your IRP to get started.

Highlights included:

  • Improved UX
  • View your Active Feeds
  • Easily enable feeds
  • Sales contribution last 30 Days
  • Check your Partner ID’s
  • Check Feed Status
  • Copy your Feed URLs
  • Set Restrictions and Exclusions

Trading Profits Daily Email

The IRP platform has unique capabilities in tracking sales and attributing costs. This offers ‘tight control’ of ecommerce business. We continue to leverage first-party data in ‘Trading Profits’ for merchant benefit.

Merchants will receive a daily ‘Trading Profits’ email showing the previous day’s sales total and associated traffic costs.

‘Trading Profits’ shows how Traffic, Conversion and AOV mathematically make the sales number – and how the traffic costs impact profitability. ‘Trading Profits’ also shows your traffic service provider performance with direct access to the IRP Service Marketplace.


‘Trading Profits’ is another innovation on our journey to IRP Version 9 – where IRP will bring merchants more visibility and control to sales growth, traffic costs and profitability.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of the features in this release.

Commerce Cloud Fully Featured Platform with No Development

In one package, and for one fee, IRP brings together everything you need to drive sustainable and profitable growth.


There are many ecommerce platforms to choose from. But the IRP Commerce Cloud is the only platform built with a MERCHANT FIRST profit-based approach.It’s the future of ecommerce.

It’s time to talk to IRP about how we can grow your traffic, increase sales, control costs, maximise profits and help you outperform your competition.
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