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Increased revenue, customers, and growth for your online store

Improve your campaigns, implement cross-channel marketing strategies, and automate tasks that increase income. Promote loyalty, encourage recurring business, and bring back dormant clients. We offer the AI Marketing resources you need to expand your online store.

AI Marketing
AI Marketing Spotler and Focus Ecommerce

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Spotler is your #1 AI-powered platform for Marketing Automation.


Providing a comprehensive platform for marketing automation to manage multi-channel campaigns for B2B, B2C, and eCommerce businesses.


Ensuring you have access to all available inbound and outbound tools and technologies in order to enhance customer experience, expand your business, engage your audience, and obtain more conversions.

AI Marketing Tools

A full marketing toolkit to help you succeed, no matter what you sell.

Web Personalisation

Personalise your website and show each site visitor personalised content that is right for them! Driving better engagement and sales directly from your website.


Create welcome emails and hyper-personalised automated journeys to reach and convert more potential customers, and increase the lifetime value of existing customers.

Product Recommendations


Making accurate recommendations is core business for every retailer and we take finding the right product recommendations to the next level.



Harness RFM modelling and segment customers by order value, lifetime value, number of orders, purchases, abandonment or last purchase to get better conversion rates and higher sales.

Cart Abandonment

Nothing in the cart? Not a problem using Spotler! You can run abandonment emails on products visitors looked at, even when they are not logged in!

Forms & Pop-Ups

Forms & Pop-Ups

Inspire visitors to take action: collect email addresses, generate leads, lower abandonment and increase your conversions. Automatically trigger welcome series, add to newsletter lists and much more.

Live Chat and Chatbots

Live Chat & Chatbots

Speak directly to customers in real-time with live chat (website and whatsapp) or automated, intelligent bot messages. Give customers the support and help they want — when and where they need it.

Social Retargeting

Social Retargeting

Don’t lose those casual visitors, reach them on the social channels (google, facebook, instagram) with targeted ads about the products they are interested in.

More Customers…

… because with Spotler eCommerce you can easily build up your database of (potential) customers using sign up forms and popups. You can then drive them back to your eCommerce website with targeted and personalised email campaigns about new products, offers and promotions.

More Conversions…

… because of the integration between Spotler and platforms like Magento and Shopify, you’ll get insights into opens, clicks, characteristics, interests and shopping / purchase behaviour. Segmentation becomes easy and you can make personal offers to each shopper, increasing the chance of conversions.

More Revenue…

… ultimately, there is no communication channel as personal and direct as email. By using email marketing you will generate more traffic which leads to more conversions and a higher retention. In the end that leads to more sales and revenue from your online store.

AI Marketing Automation

Transform your marketing & business with Focus Ecommerce and Spotler’s data driven, Omnichannel AI-Marketing Automation Platform.

Let us show you how AI digital marketing can help grow your business, get in touch, to learn more.

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