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Ecommerce management

Ecommerce management refers to the process of overseeing and optimizing the various aspects of an online retail business. Effective e-commerce management is essential for the success and growth of an online store.


our ecommerce management services:

We act as your ecommerce manager marketing your consumer products for you, using our ecommerce management experience and marketing expertise.

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Product Management:

Product Selection:

Choosing the right products to sell based on market research and demand analysis.

Product Listings:

Creating and maintaining product listings with detailed descriptions, images, and pricing.

Inventory Management:

Keeping track of stock levels and ensuring products are in stock when customers want to buy them.

Website Management:

Website Design:

Creating an attractive and user-friendly website that is easy to navigate.

Website Maintenance:

Regularly updating and optimizing the website for performance and security.

Mobile Optimization:

Ensuring the website is mobile-responsive to cater to a growing number of mobile shoppers.

Order and Payment Processing:

Order Fulfillment:

Managing the process from the moment an order is placed to its delivery, including packaging and shipping.

Payment Processing:

Setting up secure and efficient payment gateways to handle transactions.

Customer Service:

Providing excellent customer support through various channels and Handling returns and processing refunds.

Ecommerce Management - Full Ecommerce Service

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Leading the way as an Ecommerce Management Agency we specialise in connecting brands with consumers around the world.

As your Ecommerce Management team we sell & market your consumer products, helping businesses reach global consumers

Offering a wide flexibile range of ecommerce services including both marketing and operational services.

Marketing and Promotion:

Digital Marketing:

Implementing online marketing strategies such as SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising to attract and retain customers.

Content Creation:

Generating valuable content, including blog posts, videos, and product reviews, to engage and inform customers.

Promotions and Discounts:

Planning and executing marketing campaigns, sales, and discounts to boost sales and customer acquisition.

Analytics and Data Management:

Data Analysis:

Monitoring website traffic, sales, and customer behavior to make data-driven decisions.

Inventory Analytics:

Analyzing inventory data to optimize stock levels and reduce holding costs.

Customer Insights:

Gaining insights into customer preferences and behavior to personalize marketing efforts.

Additional Services:

Logistics and Shipping:

Shipping Partners: Selecting reliable shipping partners and optimizing shipping processes for cost-effectiveness and timely deliveries.

Security and Compliance:

Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, such as GDPR or PCI DSS, depending on your location and industry.
Logistics and Shipping:

Feedback and Improvement:

Collecting and analyzing feedback from customers to continuously improve products and services.
Staying updated with industry trends and technology advancements to remain competitive.

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Effective e-commerce management requires a well-rounded approach that encompasses these aspects and adapts to the evolving needs of the online retail market. Additionally, leveraging e-commerce management software and tools can streamline and automate many of these processes, making it easier to run a successful online store.

Elizabeth Rose Fashion

Elizabeth Rose Fashion


Been working with focusecommerce for over a year now at Elizabeth Rose and they have taken the company to the next level, he always points us in the right direction. Always very prompt and goes the extra mile for us. Couldn’t recommend them more!

Amathus Drinks


Highly experienced and professional. Provides clear advice on projects and consistently delivers within planed timeframe and budget. Highly recommended.

Perfect Moment

Perfect Moment


Having worked with the team since 2018 I have found them to be experienced, committed, extremely responsive and excellent added value.

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