Getting the Most Out of Twitter

Is Twitter optional for your organisation or company? For marketing and raising brand and message awareness the answer is a simple NO, you need to be using it and owning the space for your brand and message.

Getting the most of Twitter | Focus Ecommerce and Marketing

The basic issue of getting the most out of Twiiter is standing out in all the noise. You need to have engaging content the audience want to see, regularly post content (and I mean at least daily), keep up with new content trends, find your gap n the market and build an audience.

Twitter is a giant chat room. Most people are there for conversation, jokes, or education. And you can’t spend all your time talking about yourself.

Good content is more likely to be retweeted and engaged with, which clearly increases your reach and audience.

Who Is Your Audience

  • Too many jump on Twitter and just try to reach anyone and everyone. You want your tweets to hit home with the right people, so you need to understand who they are, how they use twitter and how to reach them.

  • Target specific keywords and hashtags that suit your ideal buyer and people you want to engage. see what types of content they have shared in the past to see how you might engage them.

Use Twitter Advance Search Functions

  • It lets you narrow your search to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • If you’re listening for generic terms or popular phrases, this helps you eliminate some of the noise.

  • The best part is you can save your searches – up to 25 per account. It’s like having custom hashtags, just for you.

  • Create a handful of useful searches and revisit them each week. This is an easy way to follow conversations in your specific niche.

Use a monitoring tool. These take all of the work out of social media listening. Set up alerts just like you’d build an advanced search. Receive daily reports about conversations on social media, plus real-time alerts when keywords are trending. A good tool for this is Mention

Getting the most of Twitter | Focus Ecommerce and Marketing

Talk With Your Followers, Not at Them

Think about your brand’s personality and tone as your brand’s mood from day to day. Voice doesn’t change – this is how you want your brand to be represented, always. But tone changes with context.

Remember you cannot always be on a selling your products and services approach it will annoy the audience. Offer wider value.

We suggest 70/30 rule on content. 30% of your content can be promotional, but 80% of your content should be interesting and engaging to your audience.

Use Relevant Hashtags.

Hashtags are Twitter’s way of bundling information together by keyword.

People who have selected to follow certain hashtags or search with that Hashtag are interested in that content and in general that content only. If your content suits a certain hashtag, you’ll reach an audience that’s keen to engage with it.

Getting the best from your Hashtags:

  • 3-4 hashtags per post only

  • Keep them short

  • The more precise, the better

  • Make them easy to remember and easy to spell

  • If you’re creating a campaign hashtag, be original, but do not expect miracles from your bespoke hashtag.

  • Look for trending tags but maybe look at ones that offer a chance for your content to get exposure

  • A good tool for hashtags ideas is

  • Don’t use irrelevant hashtags; you’ll look foolish

When to Tweet

  • Twitter is time-sensitive

  • Even with Twitter’s new display algorithm for users’ newsfeeds, only the beginning of the user’s stream is affected at this time

  • And it’s optional. That means you’re still relying largely on timing to get your content seen.

  • It may feel like the whole world is constantly online, but some times of the day are busier than others

Best time to use Twitter | Focus Ecommerce and Marketing

Add Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

Call to actions on Twitter | Focus Ecommerce and Marketing

You want engaged followers. Every retweet is an opportunity to reach a whole new audience. But people don’t engage with a piece of content just because they feel like it. Tell them what you need from them.


Use engaging language that prompts an action.

Getting the most of Twitter | Focus Ecommerce and Marketing

Text on it s own does nothing on Twitter. It has grown as a visual tool as much as any other social media channel. And video is now playing increasing importance on twitter to attract audience attention.

Place text on the images to get attention, brand your media with your logo and make sure you have the rights to use the media.

Getting the most of Twitter | Focus Ecommerce and Marketing

Be Personal in Your Language

When appropriate, name the person tweeting. It gives a more personal feel to your tweets. You can do this by tagging them into your conversation.

  • Reassurance

  • Authenticity

  • Emotional connection

  • The best brands on Twitter don’t sound like brands. They sound like people.

For more advice on using social media view here or contact us

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